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I grew up in South Carolina with wide open spaces and a love for nature. I learned about gardening from watching my Grandad grow vegetables to feed the family and neighbors. I learned about cooking from watching my mom make our food from scratch. I now live in Miami where I have kept up my family traditions with urban gardening and cooking for my family and friends.

I studied fashion design when I first arrived to Miami. I found myself working as a (wardrobe) stylist for over a decade. The love of being on a set grew inside of me and I really enjoyed working behind the camera. After my son was born two years ago, I decided to spend more time with him during these younger years. I have channeled all of my creativity into our home and wanted to share how I am doing it.

It has been an exciting journey over the past 12 years of studying and learning about the connections between health and food. More and more studies are supporting the fact that it really does matter what we eat. In my search I got certified in plant based nutrition under Dr. T. Colin Campbell at eCornell University. I read and watched everything I could get my hands on, including information from The Living Light Institute and The Gerson Institute. I also refined my culinary skills becoming a certified chef with Rouxbe plant based culinary school. All of this learning created a passion in me where I saw food as a supportive instead of a degenerative part of life.

My first inspiration to try a meat-free lifestyle came from a book I read that validated in a positive way, that one person can make a difference in the world. It went on to say that miracles are at the end of your fingertips and comes from action. This spoke to me and I felt empowered that my food choices could bring more compassion into the world.

I also was motivated to look closely at food because most of my life I have watched family members debilitated by major health issues. These diseases included cancers, heart attacks, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and bone degeneration. Seeing the suffering that comes along with these terrible diseases intrigued me to look at the connections between food and health. Did food choices really make a difference? I discovered the simple answer was yes. I believe a raw food, plant based diet can cure and has cured many of these diseases.

I followed the raw food, vegan diet for years. I was following a 100% plant based diet all the way through my pregnancy and gave birth at home to a beautiful baby boy. Eight months into breast-feeding I was motivated to educated myself in more and new nutrition ways.

At this time I was feeling extremely depleted and was worried if my son was gaining enough weight. After an appointment with a naturopathic doctor I decided to incorporate eggs and ghee into our diets. This was not an easy decision or transition. With the support of friends and family, I stretched myself to look at nutrition from another angle and not identify with labels. More then the topic of nutrition, it was a life lesson to not hold onto one doctrine of truth with clenched fists. I realized there can be many different truths in nutrition because our bodies are all different. The key lesson here was about balance and acceptance. Acceptance of where I was at and acceptance of where everyone else can be. The bottom line of importance to me, is to make the healthiest choices I can for my family and I.

My motivation in creating this blog is to share what I have learned with you. I want to inspire you in the kitchen and show you how to create good food while still being good to your body. To take things a step further, I have extended my recipe creations into all aspects of the home. This is where I realized I am a home weaver, weaving all aspects of what creates a home with conscious choices. You will find recipes here for the home, beauty and children as well.

My ultimate vision is to bring food back into our family units and communities. These meal times let us hit the pause button, gather around food with conversations and shared stories.   After all, food is a nourishing way to love yourself, your family and the world at large. Especially using food that is local, seasonal and sustainably grown. By protecting our natural resources we are impacting them for future generations. There is so much power in each bite of food. Let’s make a difference and make it count!

So this is what I am up to. Come on in and make yourself at home. Mi casa es tu casa (my house is your house). Let’s see what we can cook up together!

Life is delicious,


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